5 Unlimited Graphic Design Companies To Help You Create More Content Without Breaking The Bank

Say you’re looking online for more information about a certain product that you need, and you’re given two options: A. You can read a 2000-word article describing the features, specifications, and other relevant details about the product, or B. You can learn about that exact same information in a summarized way, through an infographic. Although

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Instagram has been around for ten years and during this decade, it has become one of the biggest social media platforms out there, with over one billion monthly active users all around the world. The visual networking app has grown so much that it is now a powerful digital marketing tool used by businesses of

LinkedIn Content Strategy: What Types Of Content Should Your Post?

When you think about exciting and innovative social media platforms, what names come to your mind almost immediately? If we had to guess, we’d say definitely Instagram, maybe Twitter if you’ve been doing social media for a while, and perhaps TikTok, if you’re all about the new trends. There’s one name, though, that isn’t necessarily

How To Create More Social Media Content In Less Time

Research shows that of all companies that use social media marketing, less than 50% have a documented social media strategy.  Does your business currently have a specific strategy for social media and social media content creation, in particular? If you do, do you feel like it’s taking up all of your time?  It’s true that

How The LinkedIn Algorithm Works And What That Means For Your Marketing

LinkedIn is a platform that continues to grow and has created a niche space for businesses and professionals to network and build their brands. The key to success on LinkedIn is understanding how it works – and what that means for your marketing team.  Let’s take a look at how the algorithm works so you

The Beginner’s Guide To Using Hashtags On Social Networks

Nowadays, we can all recognise a hashtag when we see one. They are all over the internet, used by businesses, individuals, celebrities, and influencers alike, and they’ve even been the subject of comedy skits we’ll never forget. If we go through your brand’s Instagram or Twitter page, we’re sure we’ll find a few #throwbackthursday’s, #photooftheday’s,

How To Make Better Video Content For Social Media

Think about all the times you scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed: what’s the type of content that grabs your attention the most? Chances are that your answer is “video” and if so, you’re not alone.  Many users would say the same thing, and the fact that social media posts with video have

How to Develop a Successful Content Strategy for Your Business

Whether you are just getting started with content marketing or have had a running strategy in your business for awhile, it is never a bad idea to take a second look at your plan. While creating a website and throwing money at Google Ads may have been a solid plan 5 years ago, this strategy

6 Tools To Automate Your Business In 2020

It is no secret that running a business requires a lot of time, resources, and money. It is nearly impossible to run all the aspects that make up a successful business alone. You may find yourself in need of extra help, but aren’t quite ready to hire a full-time employee. Or maybe you have full-time