How It Works

Whether you’re a resource-strapped marketer or a do-it-all business owner, we’re here to save you tons of time while helping you scale your social.

Step 1

Social audit & setup

First, we’ll introduce you to your dedicated social media assistant. They’ll get to know your business, explain how Perform Growth works, get you set up to send us content, and clean up your accounts.

Your social media assistant is your dedicated, social media management expert.



Step 2

Upload or send as much content as possible

Whenever you have content that’s ready for posting, you can upload it to your media archive or send it to your social media assistant.

You can send us any links, pictures, graphics, videos, and text that you’d like us to post to your account.

Step 3

Posts prepped & organized

We build your social media calendar and get prepped for posting, writing caption copy, researching hashtags, and more. All posts are approved by you before they go live.

When you upload your content, we suggest you leave us a little bit of “context” we can use to craft the caption copy. We use your comments to craft the copy in the posts.



Step 4

Audience engagement and growth

After your post goes live, we monitor and respond to engagement and use “white hat” tactics to grow your audience.

“White hat” growth tactics include: engaging with accounts in your industry, inviting people who engage with your content to follow your page, using the right hashtags, boosting posts to the right audiences, and more.

Step 5

Monthly reports

Each month, we’ll send you a comprehensive report on how your posts and pages are performing so you can refine your strategy.

Depending on your plan, your monthly reports include page analytics, post analytics, and competitor research.


What You Get With Perform Growth



Send us as much content as you can find or create, and we’ll get it prepped and posted.


Unlimited Copy

We write your caption copy and we’ll keep editing until you think it’s perfect.


A Dedicated Social
Media Assistant

Work directly with your social media assistant over email, phone, or chat.


Fast Turnaround

We get posts prepped and ready to go out within 24-48 hours, and in most cases quicker.


Organized Content

Know exactly what is going to go out and when, weeks or months in advance.



We make sure you’re active in your social community and that no DMs fall through the cracks.



You get comprehensive page, post, and campaign analytics sent to you each month.



If your first 30 days aren’t everything you hoped and dreamed for, we’ll give you a full refund.

Commonly Asked Questions

We provide social media management services. This means we take care of everything after a piece of content is created. This includes: creating your content calendar, writing caption copy, scheduling posts, researching hashtags, researching custom audiences, engaging with your community, managing your messages, and pulling together reports.

We were created for resource strapped marketers and business owners who need to outsource their social media management so they can get back to refining their strategy, creating more and better content, and running their business.

Nope, we do not do any content creation.

If you’re on our Pro plan or above, we boost posts for your business. Think of boosting a post as making sure the content you post on your social media feed is seen by the exact audience you want. And think of running ads as creating advertising campaigns for your business. That being said, you do have the option for us to run “follower” campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn if you’re on our Premium plan.

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