How Everything Entertainment uses Perform Growth to improve their social media presence.

Perform Growth, the social media assistant company, made it easy for Everything Entertainment to improve their presence and grow their brand on Facebook and Instagram.
Industry: Entertainment
Location: Rockville, MD
Marketing should be done by the owners, but we want to outsource everything we can that’s not integral to the business.
Jared Rosen, Co-Owner, Everything Entertainment

The Company

Everything Entertainment is a premier, full-service entertainment company located right outside Washington, DC. Since 1998, the company has helped create over 10,000 one-of-a kind weddings, mitzvahs, and events, all utilising cutting edge sound, video, and lighting technology.

Everything Entertainment has more than 25 members on staff, from DJs, MCs, and motivators to photo booth attendants, lighting techs, casino dealers, and more.

The Challenge

Lack of social media presence

Before working with Perform Growth, Everything Entertainment had only generated new and referral business through word-of-mouth marketing and networking. Even with that being the case, they understood the importance of a strong social media presence.

Says co-owner Jared Rosen, “Social media is the ultimate word of mouth marketing”.

However, the entertainment company struggled to cultivate a consistent presence. With over 400 events per year and 25 staff members to coordinate, there are just not enough hours in the day to spend the time required to build a strong brand and presence on social media.

Jared explains:

We tried to do this ourselves in the past. We would post to Facebook for like a week and then stop”.

Not knowing the ins-and-outs of the platforms

Part of the reason Everything Entertainment didn’t post more to social media is they didn’t really understand how it works. When should you post? How do hashtags and custom audiences work? What metrics are you tracking for success?

And the biggest question they had: what do you post and how do you get more content?

After talking to Perform Growth, they realized they were sitting on a trove of amazing content. Over the years they’d generated hundreds of photos and videos from all the amazing parties they’d thrown.

Not only that, but they had great relationships with numerous photographers who were more than happy to share relevant work for Everything Entertainment to post in exchange for getting tagged.

Going from thinking they had zero content to realizing they could fill up a content calendar for months was huge.

Says Jared, “Sometimes you don’t know what content you have until someone outside your business looks at it and can tell how it’ll look to the general public.”

The Solution

A dedicated social media assistant

With Perform Growth, Everything Entertainment got a dedicated social media assistant to handle all their management needs.

Overnight they went from not posting at all to posting perfectly optimized posts every single day.

It’s great! My phone buzzes at 9am and I check to see what the post is for that day.” Jared said. “We like that Vlad (their social media assistant) knows what to post, when to post, what hashtags to use, and how to translate our notes into on-brand caption copy. Vlad is an expert and it shows.

He also likes how Vlad knows what audiences to target for their boosted posts. Everything Entertainment already crushes the mitzvah scene, and their next goal is to become a go-to wedding DJ. 

What they didn’t realize, until Vlad told them, was that they could target “recently engaged” couples on Facebook with their boosted posts. Now, whenever a wedding related post goes out, Vlad makes sure it’s seen by the right audience.

The Results

Everything Entertainment saves 40+ hours each week by using a social media assistant from Perform Growth. Besides the enormous amount of time saved, they’ve also seen a big boost in their engagement and presence, online and offline.

People are seeing and engaging with our posts. We’re building more followers. Event planners are able to see more of what we have to offer. And we’re generating a buzz that wasn’t there before.”, said Jared.

We’re getting value in terms of having a post every day. We’re saving hours and hours every week by outsourcing our social media. And, we’ve generated new business.”.